Welcome to! Here you will find safe and secure online pharmacy. We help you find the right pharmacy online where you can feel safe. It is about your health and your well-being and your safety is important. Your safety takes precedence over everything else. We have chosen to find the very best online pharmacies in the UK market for you.

These are pharmacies with the best medicines of high quality and at the best prices. Both prescription coated medicines and non-prescription medicines. For us, it is important that we list safe, fast and discreet deliveries. And you should be able to buy medicines online via your mobile phone, tablet or computer, on the platform that suits you best. With us you will find safe and reliable pharmacies in the UK and below we will tell you in more detail how it works to get prescription drugs online.

Top 5 Online Pharmacies in UK

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Recipes online – this is how it works:

You start by choosing which online pharmacy you want to visit, you do that by clicking “Visit Farmacy now” and you will go directly to your chosen pharmacy. Then you search for the medicine you need for your health condition. If the medicine is without a prescription, you choose to put the product in the basket. If the drug requires a prescription, you should fill out a questionnaire, called an online consultation. In this form you will answer questions about your health condition.

An approved and legitimate doctor will then review your answers. If the doctor believes that the drug is safe for you to use and it will help you with your health condition. The doctor will then prescribe a prescription that also contains dosage and all other information you need. Then the pharmacy will send your prescription and your medicine home to your address.

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Easy and safe to get medicine online

As you can see, it is easy and convenient to order medicines online and the safety is high. Online pharmacy have licensed doctors and the requirements are high on safety. It is also approved by the UK authorities and is therefore allowed to sell medicines online. For those who do not want to visit a doctor at your health care center, then this is an excellent alternative. As safe as your regular doctor and other benefits is that you do not have to visit a doctor purely physically. Everything happens online, which many appreciate! Not having to take the car, take a bus, train, bike or walk is something many people appreciate very much. Therefore, online pharmacy in the UK are very popular and appreciated.

Secure and discreet payment methods

When you shop online, payment methods are very secure today. At online pharmacy you can expect them to handle your payment very discreetly. On your bank statement you will see that there is a discreet sender on the payment. Common payment methods are Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Bank transfer and more.

Fast and discreet delivery

The most common delivery alternatives to customers in the UK are via Royal Mail and UPS. It is common for you to have free shipping, but this can differentiate between the different online pharmacies! Delivery is often the next day for most UK addresses. Royal Mail also offers you to choose the most convenient day for your delivery. You must always sign your package. The package is always unobtrusive without revealing what the package contains or that it is an online pharmacy’s sender. The delivery time for your order is within 24 hours. Orders made on working days before 16:30 will be shipped the same day. Orders during weekends will be sent next working day.

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Medication with prescription

When it comes to prescription medicine, it is a legal requirement that a licensed doctor prescribe a prescription. This offers UK online pharmacies that we recommend here at You need to fill in an online consultation which then the doctor reviews and decides if you get your medication prescribed.

In cases where the doctor thinks it is not good for you and your health with a medicine, you will be denied. This is for your sake, your safety and it is the most important thing. In some rare cases, the online pharmacy doctor will ask you to contact your health care provider, these advice should be taken seriously.

Then there are medicines, supplements and treatments that do not require a prescription. You can buy these products without going through an online consultation as this is not a drug that can harm your health.

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That is why you must have a prescription for medicine

There are reasons why certain drugs may only be dispensed with a prescription issued by a licensed doctor. These are drugs that can be harmful if used incorrectly. It is illegal to sell prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription. At UK online pharmacies, doctors are licensed and approved to work as doctors and prescribe prescriptions to patients. There may be prescriptions for impotence, asthma, premature ejaculation and other health conditions that may need treatment.

Examples of prescription drugs

  • Your sexual health
  • Women’s Health – Pill
  • Men’s health – Viagra, Cialis and more
  • The general health – Diabetes, blood pressure, asthma and more
  • Medicine for travel – Malaria
  • Hair Care – Hair Loss
  • Skin Care – Acne
  • Examples of medicines without a prescription
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Hair Care Products
  • Allergy medicine
  • Cough and throat problems
  • Pain Relief Medications
  • Cosmetics

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Men’s sexual health popular at online pharmacies in UK

As you can understand, it is very popular to turn to online pharmacies in the UK when it comes to men’s health. The most common online medicines include these. Viagra online on prescription and Sildenafil on prescription are the most common drugs that English men buy online. Cialis and Spedra are also common medicine online. Below, we will briefly tell you about these and you can click ahead and read our review of these prescription drugs. We make it easy for you to compare Viagra, Sildenafil, Spedra and Cialis. And also the advantages and disadvantages, side effects, how to dose and much more.


All online pharmacies we have listed here at we have carefully reviewed. It is important that everything is safe for you, everything from the pharmacy being legal, high quality to the whole process including licensed doctors and secure payments.

Watch out for fake drugs!

We want to alert you that there are fake drugs being sold online. You will receive these medicines without a prescription and these medicines you should be very careful of and not buy. If you are offered to buy a prescription drug without a prescription then you should always refrain, this is nothing but fake drugs, so be careful. These drugs, e.g. Viagra, Cialis, Sildenafil, Spedra and others that are sold without a prescription are not controlled, reviewed, registered or even approved by the Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). You can also check on Interpol’s page here how to avoid fake and unapproved drugs.

Be careful with the choice of online pharmacy

If the prices for a medicine are very low, if you can buy prescription drugs without a prescription, then you should watch out. Fake medicine can damage your health, so this is very important to check. But it is very simple, if you find cheap medicines without a prescription, it is probably too good to be true.

Here at Getupwilly you will find only approved pharmacies online that sell genuine medicines that are controlled. You go through an online consultation and the pharmacy’s licensed doctor prints your prescription.

Here’s how we check online pharmacies

We are very careful to review online pharmacies that we list here at And our requirements are high and the following must be met:

  1. The site must meet all security requirements.
  2. Secure payment methods.
  3. Online doctor consultation (form).
  4. Legal and valid recipes.
  5. Genuine drugs.
  6. Customer service that is easy to contact.
  7. Your privacy policy should be published on the site.
  8. Only prescriptions from licensed pharmacies.
  9. Linked to Trustpilot to see other customers’ reviews.
  10. You save money on buying medicines online

It is always cheaper to buy products online, whether it is medicine, food, clothing or anything else. Of course, there are always exceptions, but in general everything is cheaper to buy online. Also prescription drugs such as Viagra, Sildenafil, Spedra and Cialis. Since safety is high and quality is high, you can feel safe buying Viagra online. Here at GetupWilly you will find the best and most popular EU online pharmacies on the market for UK customers.

Pharmaceutical regulation

To know how it works and how you can verify that online UK pharmacies are approved and regulated by government agencies, we will tell you how to check this. In the UK, the European Medicines Evaluation Agency (EMEA) and the Medical Agency Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA) are in charge of regulating all medicines in the UK. In order for medicines to be sold throughout Europe, it is these authorities that must first and foremost check the safety of these products.

You find in the United Kingdom, it is the General Pharmaceutical Council that ensures that pharmacies have a licensed pharmacist. This is regulated at the national level and registers these pharmacies. Its also ensure that the storage and sanitation are carefully managed. When an online pharmacy is reviewed and approved, the pharmacy gets a seal that you can easily find on their website.

More information and facts can be found here:
Medicines Agency for Medical and Healthcare Products (MHRA)
Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
European Medicines Evaluation Agency (EMEA)
General Pharmaceutical Council (GPC)