Herpes is a virus (simplexvirus) and you will have this virus throughout your life. Even if you do not have symptoms, it will remain and may bloom again. What is common is that the next time you get herpes. It will be a milder symptom compared to the first time you got it. You can get it in the mouth as cold sores and you can get genital herpes. Then you get blisters in the abdomen. These blisters are fluid-filled and can hurt. But there is help available, there are various treatments that relieve your discomfort.

This is not dangerous and it is very common, it is believed that 60-80% of the population has ever had herpes. What we think is important to point out is that the simplexvirus is not something that is dangerous and there are medical treatments available. You can get herpes in the eyes as well but it is not that common, but it does occur.

herpes simplex virus

What are the symptoms?

If you get cold sores, it starts with you getting cold sores and these are on the lips or around the mouth. The symptoms that first appear are that you become red and swollen, it can also itch and you can feel a certain pain and it can also feel stinging. After a few days, you will get blisters that are fluid-filled and a characteristic is that they sit close together. However, there are different symptoms from person to person. Something that you can get the first time you get herpes is that you get a fever and you can also get a sore throat. But some people get no or very few symptoms, so it is very individual. You should seek care if your herpes does not heal after two weeks or if your eye turns red and you are in pain and not feeling well.

Here you will find treatments for herpes


This is how simplex virus is transmitted

This is when you come in contact with someone who has herpes through the mucous membranes or through the skin. Then you come in contact with the secretions in the herpes bladder and then you can be infected. Note that a person may have herpes without knowing about it because not everyone gets symptoms. After you become infected, it takes between two days and up to two weeks until you get the first symptoms.

Genital-herpes is contagious when you have sex, so it is important that you use a condom when you have sex. Make sure the condom covers your herpes blisters. In cases where you have cold sores, you should avoid kissing and having oral sex because you can infect your partner.

Tips if you got herpes

If you have herpesinfection, you can do a lot yourself in prevention. You should tex. do not touch or pinch the blisters. Healing must take place naturally without being disturbed so that you do not have further problems with infection. You who use make-up should avoid putting on make-up if you have had herpes until your herpes-blisters have healed.

What can be good to know is that you can get genitalherpes in the urethra, thighs, buttocks, rectal opening, in and around the vagina, penis and scrotum. In some cases, you may get a fever and chills.

For women, it is also possible that they can get herpes in the cervix and on the labia and it can hurt when they urinate.

For men, blisters usually form around the glans, foreskin and on the shaft of the penis.

Our advice is that you go to your health center the first time you get herpes to be sure that it is herpes you have got. A doctor can easily determine with the naked eye if you have herpes. Even a blood test can be taken to be sure it is herpes in cases where the doctor is not completely sure. Or they take a sample of the blisters. It is important that you are diagnosed with it before receiving any treatment or medication.

What causes me to get herpes?

There are many reasons. You may have mental problems, you may be stressed and tired. Or it could be that you have other infections. It takes about three weeks for genitalherpes to heal the first time you get it. Your immune system also plays a role, as it always does when it comes to your body and your health. Therefore, it is important that you eat a good and healthy diet and take extra vitamins and minerals to strengthen your immune system.

If you have pain from the herpes blisters, it can be good to have clothes that fit comfortably and are not tight. Maintain good hygiene and wash daily so that the blisters do not become inflamed. Over the years, the outbreaks of herpes become fewer for most people and there is help available. It is very common and therefore nothing to worry about.

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