Onlineclinic is a private healthcare provider that specializes in online health care. An online pharmacy simply. At Onlineclinic you are offered medical services and contact with a doctor online. You can then buy treatment and medicine online after consultation with a legitimate doctor. They use only registered doctors and pharmacies and this is safe and secure. All consultations are free and to most destinations in the UK there is delivery the next day. This is a safe and convenient way for you to buy medicine online.

Buy medicine online at Onlineclinic

To buy medication online it should be convenient, as it is at Onlineclinic. You look up your treatment online. Then fill in an online consultation and then this is assessed by their registered doctor. After that, the recipe will be printed out and sent to you already the next weekday. Most importantly! Safety is for you as a patient and it places the Onlineclinic on top. In other words, you can feel safe at this online pharmacy. Doctors at Onlineclinic never prescribe treatment unless it is safe for you as a patient to take. If Onlineclinic´s doctor chooses not to prescribe treatment online. Then you should visit your health care center and make an appointment with your doctor.

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Delivery next day

Onlineclinic offers delivery the next day (weekdays and Saturdays) to most destinations in the UK. You can easily track your package on UPS and RoyalMail. Of course, your package is discreetly packed and anonymous. What is also important is that Onlineclinic provides full medical support throughout the whole process. Customer service is open from Monday to Friday between 08.00 and 17.00.

This is what the Onlineclinic does

  • You get free medical advice.
  • Confidential medical consultations online.
  • Next day delivery and free shipping.
  • Offers that a registered doctor writes a prescription.
  • Always medicine from accredited pharmacies.
  • You will find a guide where you can read about treatments and conditions.
  • Their customer service has very good knowledge and gives you good service.
  • You can easily track your order.
  • Renewal of prescriptions is easy.

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Everyone is welcome

Their service is available to all people. It doesn’t matter what gender you have, what religious belief or political opinion you have. For the Onlineclinic, it doesn’t matter what sexual orientation you have. Or your civil partnership, age or otherwise. All patients are treated equally and if they receive complaints, they are taken seriously and treated confidentially and promptly.

Treatments at Onlineclinic

Men’s Health

Erectile Dysfunction – Premature Ejaculation – Hair Loss

Women’s Health

Combined Contraceptive Pill – Mini Pill – Contraceptive Patch – Contraceptive Ring – Period Delay – HRT – Morning After Pill – Hair Removal – Contraception – Cystitis – Bacterial Vaginosis

Sexual Health

Non-Specific Urethritis – Trichomoniasis Vaginalis – Ureaplasma Urealyticum – Chlamydia – Genital Herpes – Mycoplasma Genitalium – Genital Warts – STIs

General Health

Asthma – Influenza – High Cholesterol – Weight Loss – Haemorrhoids – High Blood Pressure – Diabetes – Smoking – Herpes Virus

Travel Medicine

Malaria – Travel Sickness – Altitude Sickness – Jet Lag – Travel Health

Skin Care


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This is online consultation

When to buy medicine online at an online pharmacy for example potency pill Viagra. Then a process called online consultation is applied. This is a registered doctor who prescribes you the medicine you intend to buy for your treatment. You will fill out a form where you will answer a number of medical questions about your general health. But you should also fill in questions related to the specific condition for which you are seeking treatment. Then, Onlineclinic’s doctor decides whether or not this is an appropriate treatment for you. This is a way to ensure that you are getting the right medicine that is safe for you to take.

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Your health and safety always goes first

In the slightest doubt if the medicine you are asking for would not work safely for you. The doctor will not issue the prescription. In some cases, patients are advised to contact their health care center for a face-to-face consultation. If you receive this invitation. You should take it seriously and do as the Onlineclinic’s doctor recommends. Keep in mind that this is your safety.

When you are going to buy medicine for your health condition. You should always read all the information about the medicine you are going to buy. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact their legitimate and certified doctors. Then you get the help you need and answer your questions.

In summary, choose the medication, fill in a medical form. The doctor issues the prescription and the medicine is sent from an accredited pharmacy. Simple, fast and secure!

Onlineclinic offers next day delivery

Delivery and 18 year limit at Onlineclinic

All deliveries are free to customers in the UK and the rest of Europe. If you order to Switzerland and Brazil, shipping costs £ 19.99. Note that Onlineclinic does not deliver any medicines to the United States.

If you place your order before 16:30 on weekdays, Monday to Friday, this applies. Within the UK, your parcel will be shipped with Royal Mail’s Next Day Delivery service, which is free of charge. Delivery is guaranteed to mainland UK next weekdays and Saturdays. If the order is placed after 16:30 on a Friday you will have your package delivered on Tuesday.

To buy medicine online at all online clinics you must be 18 years of age or older. They will make checks eg. via national identity register at registration. You must be able to confirm your identity.

When it comes to how Onlineclinic packs your order. You can be sure that it is discreet packaging. It will not be written Onlineclinic on the package and it will not be information about what the package contains. The package contains only your name, address and tracking number at UPS or Royal Mail. As well as a return address. 100% discreet! When you receive your delivery you must sign the package.

Common questions and answers

Legal and legitimate medical provider, how do I know?

At Onlineclinic there are only registered doctors and registered pharmacies. There is no guarantee that everyone will have their order printed. As a doctor must approve each order. If the medicine you want to buy is not suitable for you, then your order will be rejected. No medication orders will be sent until it has been prescribed by a registered doctor.

I want to contact my doctor, can I?

If you want direct contact with your doctor then this is possible. You send an email and there you ask your question. You can also choose to call and book a phone time that suits you.

When I sent my order, what happens then?

Once you have submitted your consultation, it will be sent to the Onlineclinic medical team. It will be reviewed by your doctor. And if your treatment is appropriate for you, the doctor will prescribe a prescription. Then your prescription is sent to the pharmacy and then they send your package.

What is an Online Consultation?

It is simply a process where you tell about your health condition. And you answer questions about your health and the current treatment you are looking for. Onlineclinic´s doctors need this information to evaluate if the treatment you want to order works for you and is safe.

When do I pay for my medication online?

When your order is approved by the Onlineclinic´s doctor you will pay. If the doctor thinks that the treatment is not right for you, then it costs you nothing.

Can I order treatment / medication on the phone?

Yes, you call their customer service and they will help you place your order.

I want to make more than one order, is it okay?

This depends on what treatments you want to order. It is so that some medications can interact with each other and you can have harmful side effects. So in case you want to make a second order for another medicine. Then you should do a new online consultation and there, Onlineclinic´s doctors will determine if these two (or more) are safe to take with each other.

Is it guaranteed that the medicine is genuine?

Yes, all medicines are dispensed from an accredited pharmacy registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council.

Is it compulsory for me to consult my own doctor?

It is always good that you go to your doctor for a regular check on your health.

If I get side effects, what do I do?

You may experience side effects from the medication you are taking. You can see what side effects for each medicine on the onlineclinic’s medical pages. If the side effects are severe, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Watch out for illegal online pharmacies

You can sometimes access websites that sell medicines online without a prescription. This is illegal and there is no guarantee that it is genuine medicine and can seriously harm your health. If you are offered to buy medicine online without a prescription or online consultation. It is illegal and you should abstain.

What payment methods can I use?

Payments from Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express are used. Online clinic must have payment by card. In some cases, you can pay cash on delivery, bank transfer or invoice payment.

I want to return my order, is it okay?

If you have received your delivery, you will not be able to return it. The return of medicines is prohibited by law. In cases where the package / your medication has been damaged, tampered or similar. Then you contact Onlineclinic’s customer service as soon as possible. If you are going to throw out an unwanted medicine. You should submit it to a pharmacy or health center.

How does my payment appear on my bank statement?

It will be HHC LTD on your transaction. Discreet and anonymous!